Key Objectives

The DeLight project has two main objectives:

  • The development of high performance surface grating based DFB/DBR telecommunication lasers, based on the creation of a common technological fabrication platform, utilizing surface gratings and other surface micro- and nano-structures. It will increase the performances and functionality of edge-emitting lasers and decrease their cost by the elimination of the regrowth stage. The surface structures will be imprinted by the low-cost and high-yield nanoimprint lithography. The developed surface-oriented technology will be largely independent on the underlying semiconductor structure and will be applied for the fabrication of InP- and GaAs-based edge-emitting lasers working in the 1300 and 1550 nm ranges.

  • The development of ultra high speed directly modulated lasers (> 28 Gb/s intermediate target and > 43 Gb/s final target) with a simplified multi-section design, which exploit high-order photonic resonances for extending the modulation bandwidth, based on the application of technologies developed in the first objective and advanced active materials, such as tunnel injection quantum dot structures.